When life gets hard and I need an escape, I just go out and find me a date. To ease the pain and run away I get on my  back and just lay. Tall, short, heavy, thin nothing matters when I’m escaping what’s within. Too many things going on in my head, call me a … Continue reading

I’m Not Doing That…

            NO! 2 letters – 1 syllable, and quite possibly one of the hardest words for me to say. As of late I’ve been exercising the practice of saying no and putting my foot down. Not that anyone is taking advantage of me per say,but I think some people close … Continue reading

Sun Ray

Sunshine, sun bright, sun shine on me make me his sun ray. Sun burn, sun turn sun guide me to the light. Its simple. The greens are greens the the blues are blues isn’t evident that it’s you who I choose? Outdoors with one, the one, without one I am none.

Art Thou Woman Or THOT?

So I was sitting around one day with a group of girl friends just catching up and you know talking our regular jargon. And of course we got on the topic of sex. As my girlfriends were going around in a circle sharing experiences, techniques, and etc., I thought to myself “geesh we like sex … Continue reading

1 Meat… 2 Sides

Ever go out to a restaurant and the menu features the option of an entree and two sides? That’s kind of sorta like what my life is right now. I’ll share an example… I would say that my meat is love and my two sides are two prospects that have all of my attention. This … Continue reading

Scorn But Not Scared

I gave certain men power over me through the years. Power to use me, abuse me, and still never choose me. When I first thought about writing this post I was like “eh, maybe a little too much for the web” then I said whatever might as well maybe someone out there will benefit from … Continue reading

True Love Waits…

When I was in middle school I was in a chastity program where I made a promise to God that I would hold off from sexual activity until I was married. Let me tell you all that I was scared at the thought of even maybe entertaining sex. In this program they had slide show … Continue reading

A Quick Word On Healing

Through my years and experiences I’ve learned one constant thing time and time again. The healing process can be very long and hard. Sometimes there are stages of healing that we must go through. In my most recent experience I went from thinking this person was the sole bane of my existence, to completely ignoring them, to … Continue reading

Not-so-private “Privacy Window”

This post isn’t intended to be long at all. Well I was using the privacy window to look up an old “friend” and didn’t really want to do it from my account in fear of accidently doing something that would alert the person of my spying. So I did my looking and left the window … Continue reading

Is You Krazie???

This isn’t going to be a long post. Just wanted to lightly touch on this subject. Before reading please note that this issue touches solely on my experiences with mental health in the community in which I grew up in. Also note that when I use the term “black” I’m referring to African-Americans. Sadly enough the … Continue reading